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M.W.M. launched four-pole friction clutch and brake


Four pole face friction clutches originate from the need to conjugate high transmittable torques with compact dimensions. 
Their main feature is the magnetic flux crossing twice the rotor and armature, making possible a double use of the magnetic field force. In data, this results in a transmittable torque two times higher with respect to a traditional electromagnetic clutch with the same dimensions. 

The pictures show sections taken from a traditional two pole-face clutch (on the right) and a new four pole-face clutch (on the left).  Supplying a DC current, the coil (1) produce a magnetic field (displayed by the yellow arrows) which crosses rotor (2, red) and armature (3, cyan)
Suitable to an ample range of applications – from industrial and agricultural vehicles through mining and mechanical industry to marine applications – these clutches guarantee: 

•    High transmittable torque due to magnetic field optimization
•    Compact design and low inertia
•    Large shaft diameters permitted
•    No backlash
•    No need of maintenance
•    Reduced environmental influence on performances
•    Long lifetime (due to ample contact surfaces and the surface hardening treatments applied to rotor and armature)
•    High functioning speeds
•    Very quiet functioning
•    Safe functioning up to wear limit
•    Zero drag-torque
•    Low residual electromagnetic field
•    Electromagnetically operated
•    Various supply voltages available (24 VDC standard)
•    Suitable both for dry run or wet run (with slightly diminished transmittable torque)

With the same functioning principle, we developed the four pole friction brakes series, with identical characteristics and performances.  
Based on a common structure formed by a fixed electromagnet, a rotor and an armature, the many variants available will satisfy the different needs of the designers.  
Among these, on demand, we supply the PTO assemblies,  tasked to transfer torque from the main engine to an auxiliary subassembly such as a pump or winch, with the possibility to disengage it when needed, thanks to the clutch, usually you may find these assemblies installed on trucks, special vehicles and boats as well as on various industrial machineries.  
Sizes from 90 to 260 are completely enclosed, as shown in picture, with the input-output combinations already available for our GFF series.   
Sizes from 310 to 600, available in A-A (shaft-shaft) clutch variant only, are mounted on a welded frame. 

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