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The Chinese website of M.W.M. company products opened

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Update time : 2021-09-10 15:12:00

Italian M.W.M. product Chinese website opened


Italy M.W.M. is a family business established in Milan, Italy in 1965. It has focused on the development and production of clutches and brakes for 56 years. In Europe, M.W.M. is the leading brand of brakes and clutches.

M.W.M has continued to innovate since its inception. It is the industry's forerunner in various clutches and brakes. To this day, M.W.M. still maintains an international lead in many applications;
The new crown epidemic is raging, the Chinese market is unique, and Chinese users are constantly increasing. We at M.W.M. hope that through Chinese websites and sales and service companies in China, we can provide Chinese users with a better product experience.

Welcome to visit:Https://
You can also directly visit the official website of Italy:

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