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Self-aligning system of caliper brake orthogonal sliding

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Update time : 2021-09-11 16:50:02

Self-aligning System with Orthogonal Sliding

 The revolutionary self-aligning system with orthogonal sliding, patented (N° MI2003U000541)by MWM, introduces several improvements.
In this case, the two lever arms are hinged on two steel pads that allow the caliper to move perpendicularly to the disk.
This orthogonal freedom of movement allows to the caliper to self-align perfectly to the disk ensuring a constant  and well balanced braking on both the friction pads.
In this configuration, the thruster (A) is supported by the arm control lever (B) that can move only orthogonally. In this way the weight of the thruster doesn't burden on the friction pads, but on the fixing structure.
Freedom of movement combined with the axial configuration of the actuator allow an easier brake installation.

The controlled lever (yellow), pushed by the thruster, begins to rotate around its connecting pin/fulcrum
(blue), bringing the corresponding friction pad near the brake disk (grey).

As the thruster continues to push, the controlled lever, leaning against the brake disk, begins to pull towards the brake disk itself the friction pad located on control lever

The control lever can only slide axially, by means of proper skids and guides; so, it allows to charge the thruster weight onto the caliper brake mounting structure. 

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